Welcome to my site. I either gave you my card or you're stalking me. There's also some Cynthia Berg that is a psychologist, not to mention the woman holding kale on google. Anyway, glad you're here.  

I've been painting for the last six years. I've always been somewhat of an artist since I learned how to pick up a pencil. Once sketching wasn't enough, I wanted to learn the challenge of trying something new. I wouldn't say I have my own personal style just yet. I am all over the place when it comes to art. 

I'm currently attempting to master hyperrealism with texture.  

There are so many different things that inspire me. I love to travel and experience everything around me to consume that inspiration. Other artists also spark my interest and keep me thriving. 



Oh, and personally about myself. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado. Transferred from Iowa and Colorado Springs. I have an adorable baby pomeranian named Tofu. I wake up everyday to drink coffee and love to cook. Cooking is also a great art to me. I model here and there as I look at it as another form of art. Seeing how the photographer can transform me into their own piece is what I really enjoy. Candles, pillows, fluffy blankets and goat cheese really gets me going. Anything else, just ask! 


-Cynthia Berg