Woof it's been awhile. I really need to keep up on this blog. Well a lot has changed since over a year ago. I've moved about six times. Went overseas twice. Got a new puppy, and now working as a full time artist and model. 

Just got back from Netherlands-Denmark-Sweden-Germany-Belgium. What a trip! The only thing that is unfortunate about going to that many countries within eleven days is you don't get to experience enough of each. 



Not enough room to blog about everything that happened in one sitting. But to sum things up- got a tattoo in Amsterdam, visited my grandfather's birth town in Sweden, ate amazing food in Denmark, got cocktails in bathrobes only to anger the hotel staff in Germany, got in a fight with a restaurant owner in Belgium because we didn't like his mussels, snuck onto first class only to get kicked out. It was lovely!

Should get back to painting now.